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About Us

What is Nuev?

Nuev is a Chrome extension that will help you to purchase your most wanted limited items. Sneakers, Consoles, GPUs: we got you covered. If something is limited and difficult to purchase, Nuev will be there to help you. Purchasing Nuev, you will receive a digital Key and access to our Discord server. The Key will allow you to access and use Nuev Extension.

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Main features

Custom monitors

if you don't have a cookgroup with good monitors, we got you. Top speed, top pings.

Top partnerships

We are partnered with the best projects in the community.

24/7 support

Always available.

Supported sites

More than 20 supported sites


What our Customers Says

“The best extension I have EVER used, had x, y, z and many many more, but only Nuev cooked for me. First time using it, I hitted 2/2 of the shoes I went for! Goated team and developers!“



on discord

“I would like to recommend this extension to all people, who are wondering about buying it. Everything works pretty clean and fast. Would like to stay in this project furthermore.“



on discord

“Nuev is one of the best extension around. Also the admin helped me a lot to understand how the world of Sneakers worked and thanks to them my collection has grown. I recommend it, 10/10.“



on discord


Any Questions? Answered

The price is 50€ as initial payment, + 20€ starting from the 2nd month.
You can manage it through our Dashboard
You can send us a private message on Twitter or by contact form below.
We will give an heads up on Twitter. Be sure to follow us!
No, you don't need to have one. We are providing every infos that could help you in order to be successful with Nuev.
Usually, no. Some exceptions may be excluded and only in these cases we are able to offer you a refund.

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